Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

We want all of our clients to benefit from affordable inspection prices, so we offer Home Inspections starting at just $350. The Pre-Purchase Home Inspection for residential homes, townhouses, and manufactured homes abides by the ASHI Standards of Practice (SOP) and includes the following areas of the home when safely accessible:

✓ Structural system

✓ Exterior

✓ Roof system

✓ Plumbing system

✓ Electrical system

✓ Heating system

✓ Air conditioning system

✓ Interior

✓ Insulation and ventilation

✓ Fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances

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Thermal Imaging

We use a FLIR C3 Thermal Imaging Camera during our inspections at no additional charge. This camera is used to detect areas of heat loss or excess, allowing us to picture heat signatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These images allow us to find and diagnose issues in the home that we may have been unable to detect without the use of this remarkable tool.

Aerial Drone Photography

We regularly use an Aerial Drone during our inspections at no additional charge. The drone is used to collect high-quality images of the roof so that we can inspect it for age, condition, and damages.

Moisture Meter

We will be using a Moisture Meter during your inspection to measure the levels of moisture in your home. This tool is helpful for finding hidden moisture damage and areas of the home where moisture intrusion has gone unnoticed.

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If you find that you need extra reassurance that your new home is ready for you, you can schedule a Re-Inspection after your seller and realtor have addressed the requests in your CRL™. During the Re-Inspection, we check that all of your requests were met fully and that the repairs have been made correctly and completely.

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Pre-Listing Inspection

Why wait for potential buyers to notice issues in the home when you could schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection beforehand? By having the home inspected before it’s put on the market, you can stay one step ahead and make repairs before buyers schedule their own inspections. This can increase negotiating power and makes the home more attractive to potential buyers. 

Radon Symbol with Magnifying Glass

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally-occurring but highly toxic gas that can rise from the soil into your home. It is invisible, tasteless, and odorless, so it is impossible to detect without specialized equipment. If radon is left undetected in the home, exposure to the gas can cause health issues as severe as lung cancer. Keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe by scheduling a Radon Test today!

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